Here you will find reflections from our volunteers about their experiences providing therapy for refugees.

Trapped in Shamrock, Manus Island

by Ione Lewis   Shamrock Compound (photo by Refugee Action Coalition). What stood out about Shamrock Compound was the desperation and hopelessness of the refugees and asylum seekers kept there under guard. There was nothing lucky about Shamrock. Everyone in Shamrock was traumatised, suicidal and on psychiatric medication. It was not unusual for people toContinue reading “Trapped in Shamrock, Manus Island”

On Indefinite Detention

by Amelia Issa ”I feel like I am dying everyday, losing hope and myself in this jail…all I want is a better life for me and my family…” Having been a refugee myself, I became interested in the struggle that these individuals were enduring in order to find a place to call home. When theContinue reading “On Indefinite Detention”

Building a Therapeutic Relationship Through the use of Technology

by Shelley Eves The term ‘therapeutic relationship’ describes the relationship between therapist and client. A strong therapeutic relationship is what makes effective therapy possible and is an important ingredient of any intervention. An ideal therapeutic environment for developing a strong therapeutic relationship might be envisioned as a quiet, safe space (usually the therapist’s office) withContinue reading “Building a Therapeutic Relationship Through the use of Technology”

A Story of Two Elections

by Kathryn Khwaja The November 2001 Federal Election “We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come.” Prime Minister John Howard, October 2001 Federal Election Campaign Launch Speech In August 2001 the Tampa crisis became the catalyst for Australia’s new border protection policy and a central issue in the electionContinue reading “A Story of Two Elections”

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